Khalil Rizk

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    Chief of Quality Improvement, Alameda Healthcare, Egypt and JCI Independent Consultant

Chief of Quality Improvement, Alameda Healthcare, JCI Independent Consultant, Egypt


Mr. Rizk has more than 45 years of work experience in the health care field gained through his former appointments in various leadership positions in Lebanon and the Middle East. Mr. Rizk led the accreditation activities to meet the prevailing hospital standards including the Joint Commission International (JCI) standards in many healthcare organizations in the region. He served as a member in the National Committee for Hospital Accreditation, Ministry of Public Health for 9 years.


Mr. Rizk has multiple articles published in the Human and Health Journal issued by the Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon. Currently, he is the chief of quality improvement and risk management in Alameda Healthcare and simultaneously serves as an independent JCI Consultant.