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Workshop Details

There are a wide range of impregnated and detergent wipes for environmental decontamination that are available. This workshop will provide guidance on wipe selection, looking at formulations, efficacy, substrates, clinical studies and pitfalls. The focus will be on selection of the most effective wipe for the intended purpose.


Benefits of Attending

Following a clinical review of the rational for environmental decontamination, attendees will gain knowledge on the range of disinfectants and the testing methods used to demonstrate efficacy, especially when high-level disinfection is required. A number of issues, including technique of using wipes, potential compatibility issues will also be highlighted, leading to delegates being able to feel confident in their knowledge base when selecting the wipe most suitable for their clinical need and the local environment.



1. Review of the need for environmental disinfection

2. Appraisal of the range of available disinfectants and the pros and cons of each

3. Disinfectant testing methods and tests – what do they mean and what to look for

4. What does ‘high level’ disinfection mean?

5. Wipe materials – do they matter?

5. Using a wipe – technique is important

6. Compatibility with surfaces – what are the issues

7. What level of decontamination is needed?



Martin Kiernan MPH MClinRes RN

Visiting Clinical Fellow, Richard Wells Research Centre, University of West London, Brentford, United Kingdom