Workshop Details

There is well established evidence that contaminated hospital surfaces and air contributes to transmission of diseases such as MRSA, VRE and C.diff. Automated room decontamination systems offer improved efficacy and consistency. In the recent past automated Hydrogen peroxide and UV light systems have dominated the market.


The main learning outcomes of the talk are:

  • A fundamental overview of Hydrogen peroxide and UV light systems
  • What is the actual scientific evidence for clinical outcomes
  • What are the actual and proposed mechanisms of actions of these systems
  • The difference between UV LEDs and UV lamps
  • The difference between H2O2 vapour and dry mist
  • Costs, safety, practical and logistical considerations when selecting a rom decontamination system
  • Are we being led by facts or fiction?
  • What futuristic systems are yet to come?



Dr. Nanda Nayuni

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Deconsure


Saba Yussouf

CEO of Deconsure.