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Sepsis is a serious life threatening condition generated by pathogenic organisms. The number of victims of sepsis related to bacterial BSI is increasing annually with either irreversible morbidity conditions or death. The patients’ mortality increases with every hour delay in appropriate AB treatment. The risk of bacterial resistance to AB is moving up every year, and it becomes difficult for health professionals to treat sepsis cases properly by empirical treatment.


Fast ID & AST diagnostics becomes crucial to help the clinician switching from empirical to appropriate AB treatment. Awareness of medical care professionals about the urgency of proper handling of sepsis cases can reduce mortality by 50%.  The new Accelerate Pheno technology provides fast ID and MIC based AST directly from blood culture positive bottles in less than 7 hours. It is part of the solution to save sepsis critically ill patients by converting their treatment from empirical to appropriate. 



Rita Boukamel

Head of Distribution EMEA

Accelerate Diagnostics