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Almoosa Specialist Hospital established in 1996  to provide high-quality healthcare services that meet clients’   expectations over all regions of the Kingdom particularly eastern region,  with a genuine desire to provide added value to the society through providing an integrated medical care for patients in order to prevent them from seeking treatment abroad and travel fatigue. 


Because Almoosa Hospital was the first private health facility in al-Ahsa , that aimed to provide various medical services through having 250 bed capacity, which included  general specialties such as Pediatrics, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Urology, Dermatology, Cosmetics, etc.., along with a great interest of sub-specialties, such as Bariatric Surgery, Cardiology, Cardiac Catheterization, Neurosurgery, Hemodialysis, Cultivation of joints, Oncology, and Hair Transplants. In addition to Intensive Care Unit that includes (ICU) the general Intensive Care Unit, (CICU) Cardiac Intensive Care unit and (NICU) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Human Capital

The hospital currently has about 1,600 employees of the best medical, technical and administrative staff which consists of more than 30 nationalities from around the world, in an effort to create a national experience are able to use scientific expertise in diagnosing and treating the citizens,  and in accordance with the kingdom vision 2030 to take advantage of the energies of Saudi youth both male and female, the hospital’s Saudization  ratio has reached 39%.  And to highlight the continuing developing of employees’ skills, Almoosa hospital has established a specialized center for medical education, technical and administrative training equipped with the latest technologies.

Patient Satisfaction

The hospital has a good reputation among clients due to the great interest of the accurate details, where the hospital was keen to create a safe and comfortable diagnostic and therapeutic environment that is able to relieve anxiety and provide the highest levels of comfort and safety  for the patient during all stages of treatment. As we pay a great attention to patient opinion because it is an essential element in the developmental policies that used in the hospital on a daily basis, where the hospital participated  as the first medical facility in the Kingdom  in  Press Ganey Surveys to measure services quality  and  patients level of satisfaction by following  the global standards  for development and improvement.

Community Responsibility

We are at Almoosa Specialist Hospital realize  that we are part of the community, so  education and awareness regarding  preventative measures  of  various diseases is an essential task that not less important than our mission to provide high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic services, so we are working  persistently to carry out our community responsibilities through several programs that being organized in partnership with several active associations and organizations  in educating the community.

Community Responsibility

By the grace of Almighty Allah, and the hard work and concern for excellence and provide all that would improve patients’ satisfaction, Almoosa Hospital has received  several accreditations and international awards, which include Joint Commission International (JCI)  accreditation in 2009, then it received   the same accreditation again in 2012, as the hospital received the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) in 2013  after undergoing assessment   by measuring more than 811 standards, and in the same year the hospital earned  the Chamber of Commerce award for the best facility at the level of major economic entities.

Accreditations and Awards

In an unprecedented achievement in the Middle East, in 2015 the hospital has been awarded Planetree Silver Recognition which was conferred based on the continuous development that  the hospital carried out to improve  patient’s experience during all stages of diagnosis and treatment,  and according to the interest of Almoosa Specialist Hospital in the accurate details, the hospital has received HACCP certification which is an international accreditation certificate concerned with food safety at all stages, starting from catering to food storage, cooking and ending with providing the meal to the final consumer (the patient).

Future  Projects

In 2016, Almoosa  Specialist Hospital has taken pioneering steps towards expansion of services through several major projects with a total capacity of 500 beds that added to its investments in  al-Ahsa, where the hospital  signed a contract agreement with HKS Architects , the American company,  to establish a new medical tower with a capacity of 200 beds, as well as  establishing a comprehensive rehabilitation center with a capacity of 200 beds and establishing a specialized long term care hospital  for elderly with a capacity of 100 beds. 



Knowlex, shorthand for ‘Knowledge Exchange’, has been set up with the ambition of disseminating information on research and innovative practice to help healthcare professionals in their working lives. The NHS is at a crossroads, with an unprecedented constraint on resources and seemingly continual growth in demand. Our objective is to help all organisations involved in health – acute trusts, CCGs, and local authorities – to become more efficient and effective in delivering better outcomes for the public.

It might seem like a cliché, but one of the best ways for professionals to improve their business is to learn from their peers in other organisations. No one acute trust, CCG or local authority has a monopoly on great ideas so the ability to come together and discuss things face to face, even in our digital age, is still very powerful. Therefore the centerpiece of Knowlex’s efforts is national conferences, where professionals can meet and discuss the challenges they are facing, along with exchanging the knowledge that can help them to make improvements.

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